December 8, 2021

Get to Work

After I left my career as a VP in media after 32 wonderful years I was ready to start part 2 of life and I’m honored to be the Outside Manager of the DFFP. There are quite a few similarities that transcend corporate life and pantry life. Instead of Wednesday morning meetings in the 18th floor conference room overlooking Central Park, my team meetings are under the trees facing Broadway. Like a corporate strategy meeting, once assignments are made and instructions reviewed, the volunteers take charge and get the job done. This team is dedicated, smart, professional and full hearted. As they set up each table, they keep in mind the clients being served…noting food that is gluten free, low sugar or lactose free.  And after everything is set up, we always step back and marvel at how it all always comes together in time.  The magic begins when our clients come through and you can actually see and feel all the relationships that are in place…it’s mutual love and respect. If a client misses a week, our volunteers take note and make sure all is okay when they return. The care and connection between the volunteers and the community we serve is really something to behold. This team is the best in the business.

The Holiday Blues?

Melt the blues away by giving back through weekly donations through PayPal or drop off groceries and diapers. Your generosity is truly appreciated. 

A Big Thanks

Go to our continued support from Stop & Shop, The Shop, Panera, Mom’s Organic Market and the New York Bagel AuthoritySubway is donating meals to the Food Pantry for the next three consecutive weeks! Please stop by these establishments and let them know how much you appreciate their contribution to the community.

This week’s newsletter written by the manager who bribes her volunteers with Dunkin’ Donuts, Donna Assumma.

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