April 8, 2021

Good afternoon, everybody – yesterday we served 127 families with 254 adults, 165 children, and 40 seniors, totaling 459 people, and our delivery team made 47 deliveries.

We had another meeting with the South Church Session members to get a clearer idea of how the church can open and have services on Sunday mornings while the Pantry is still serving so many families.  Our team came up with two alternative plans, with diagrams and schematics included.  What an amazing crew.  You should have seen Vera explaining the plans.  She’s a skilled presenter, and we’re lucky she’s with us.

Roma and Vera are in regular touch with Erica Razek of Doin’ Good in the Hood.  She routinely scours Westchester County to find extra products that people have in order to give them to whoever needs them.  She’s given us extra food, hygiene supplies and cleaning products, and has taken extra products that we have and given them to others.  What a worthwhile effort, and what a dedicated person she is.

Every Tuesday night two of our volunteers pick up extra food, including milk and produce, from Mom’s Organic Market (83 Stanley Avenue in the Rivertowns Square mall).  Mom’s reached out to us almost as soon as they were settled in.  I’m told that Mom’s is a chain whose mission is to help food pantries wherever they are.  I don’t know if people have been to Mom’s, but they also have bins as you walk in for compost, batteries, glasses, and a couple of other things I can’t think of right now.  They’re really into recycling.  Plus they now have two stations in their parking lot for electric cars to be charged.

While students were in virtual school, a number of teens whose mothers are volunteers at SPRING Community Partners have been arriving at the Pantry on Wednesday mornings to help in whatever way they’re needed.  Ellen Crane, Co-Director of SPRING, is the mother of a teen herself, and she has been able to round up many of her son’s fellow students, who have come willingly to help until they need to get back to their classes.  We’ve also been helped by teens from the South Church Faith and Justice Lab.  Now they’re all going back to school in person this coming week and they won’t be with us.  We will miss them terribly, and so will our clients.  A huge thank you to all the teens who made life easier for us volunteers and for the families we serve.  The Pantry will seem empty without them.

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