September 16, 2020

Good evening, everyone – today we served 95 families, with 193 adults, 131 children and 32 seniors, for a total of 356 people served.  We’ve been serving fewer families this month, hopefully because people are being called back to work.  

We’ve been talking about how to keep the pantry going in the winter months without bringing clients inside like we used to do.  Once there’s a vaccine and we’ve all been vaccinated we can go back to doing what we used to do, but for this winter we’re hoping everyone can stay outside, step up to the table, pick up their box and bag and be on their way.  We volunteers will be bundled up.  Right now the weather’s perfect, so we have time to think about this.

We’re also figuring out how the South Church sanctuary can eventually be open for church services while also allowing us to continue using it as a pantry.  There’s plenty to think about now that fall is approaching.

I was talking to our beloved art therapist Stephanie Buck.  Our clients used to love being with her and doing art projects.  She’s thinking of ways to have a COVID art exhibit of the drawings and projects our clients have done over the months.  We’ll keep everybody posted.  And she has every intention of continuing with the art sessions as soon as we can all be together again.  

The holidays will be here before we know it, and we’re talking about what we can offer our clients beyond what we already do.  We don’t have space for turkeys, but maybe we can offer gift cards twice in November and December instead of once.  That would cost a lot of money, but hopefully the people on this list will donate and will encourage their friends to donate as well.  A big thanks to everybody who helps us in our fundraising.  

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