August 27, 2020

Good afternoon, everybody – Yesterday our beloved Robin Larkins was away 😊 but we muddled through anyhow.  In the morning we served a total of 116 families, including 252 adults, 151 children and 35 seniors.  Then in the evening we served another 12 families consisting of 23 adults, 22 children and 3 seniors.  Altogether we served 128 families with 275 adults, 173 children and 38 seniors.  We served 480 people yesterday.

          Sadly, beginning in September we’ll be giving out Stop & Shop gift cards only at the end of the month.  It’s been very expensive to provide so many families with a gift card, even though we adjusted the amount according to the size of the family.  We’re hoping, with the help of donors on this list and in the community, to be able to offer gift cards once a month for the foreseeable future.  Please remember us when you’re making monetary donations.  We sign up new families every week.
          I will add, though, that one client texted volunteer Ellen K. and said that she had gone back to work and wouldn’t be needing the pantry anymore!  What good news!  And, she said that from now on she’ll help the pantry instead of the other way around.  What goes around comes around!
          Our friends at the Ardsley United Methodist Church did a food drive for us this past Saturday which yielded so much food that Ken Stahn, who has faithfully delivered the food to us from AUMC for years, had to make two trips to get all the food to us!  Maybe some of the people on this list dropped food off.  Whoever made the donations, we were very happy with the food and we started giving it out right away.  And you can help again on Saturday, September 12 from 10:00 to 1:00, when they’ll do it all over again.  Thanks, AUMC!
          The volunteers of SPRING Community Partners were divided yesterday.  Some were helping serve our clients at the food pantry and some were helping at the Dobbs Ferry High School, where school supplies were being given out to families of school-age children.  The list of children who were receiving the supplies was divided alphabetically so that there wouldn’t be a huge crowd of people all at once.  SPRING’s ability to organize activities and carry them out successfully is amazing.  There should be a Nobel prize for ability to organize.
          Next Wednesday’s food pantry will take place in September!  Can you believe the fall is here already??


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