August 7, 2020

Good afternoon, everybody – despite the devastation of Tropical Storm Isaias, the pantry took place as usual on Wednesday, although many volunteers and clients were without electricity.  Probably many on this list went through the same thing.  On Wednesday we served a total of 105 families (compared to 130 last week), including 217 adults, 137 children and 28 seniors.  We served 382 people Wednesday.  Last Wednesday it was 491.

          Our clients had been warned that as of this month we will be giving Stop & Shop gift cards out only on the second and last Wednesdays instead of every week.  We wondered if clients were coming mainly for the gift cards, but now we know that many of our clients are in need of food, whether it comes with a gift card or not.
          We’ve pretty much completed our transfer from one section of the church to another in preparation for the opening of the Community Nursery School and Days of Wonder.  This coming Wednesday we’ll be operating out of the sanctuary instead of near the office.  We’ve got some great minds among our volunteers who have figured this all out, and we all stayed in good spirits throughout!  That’s the kind of group we are.
          One of our greatest supporters is Dr. Nitin Gupta of Rivertowns Pediatrics (, 914-330-8445).  He has kept us supplied with diapers and baby wipes for a very long time, and he has made financial donations to the pantry throughout the years.  It also helps that he’s a member of the Rivertowns Rotary.  They’ve had food drives for us at Stop & Shop, and other members of the Rotary Club, encouraged by Dr. Gupta, have been interested in helping us as well.  Thank you so much, Dr. Gupta.

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