May 14, 2020

Good afternoon, everybody – the number of people coming for food to the pantry keeps increasing from week to week.  Yesterday we served 114 families.  Last week it was 109 and the week before it was 106.  Those 114 families consisted of 218 adults, 164 children and 36 seniors, for a total of 148 people served.

          The clients are being helped not only by the gift cards and food we give them from the pantry, but also by prepared meals sent by Harper’s Restaurant/On The Line; by soup and bread brought by MadeByRK; by masks brought by MaryJane Shimsky from a partnership between the County and Hanes; by more masks and hand sanitizer from the Village of Dobbs Ferry; by food from Fable Farm; and by food generously bought and delivered from the Hough family, the Conway family, Meg Lindsay, a group led by Rabbi Young at Woodlands Community Temple, and the Hinksmon family, who also helped to pack boxes.  We are grateful to people in the community who can provide food for our clients, some of whom never thought they’d need a food pantry.
          Next week there will be an exciting Zoom meeting sponsored by Roots & Wings, South Church’s sustainable living initiative, which will focus on food insecurity and ways groups in the community can partner together to help.  Robin and I will be at the meeting, as will the Roots & Wings crew, community gardeners (they’re already at work in the garden behind the church), and people from the Village Sustainability Task Force.  Maybe others, too.  Check with Roots & Wings if you want to know more about the meeting, but it sounds like another opportunity for the pantry to partner with the many helpful groups in the Rivertowns.  There is a cooperative spirit around here that is amazing to see – and it’s growing!
          Our thanks to the Hudson River Presbytery for giving us a much-needed grant.  We were on a Zoom meeting with the Presbytery this past Monday, and it’s mind-boggling how huge the Hudson River Presbytery is.  It covers several different counties, and most of the food pantries covered by the Presbytery were on that call.  It’s sad that there are so many hungry people in the Hudson Valley that all these pantries are seeing more and more people.  And the Presbytery plans to help them all.

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