April 24, 2020

Good morning, everybody – Wednesday’s food pantry was another record-breaker.  This week the volunteers served 95 (that’s right – 95) families, including 191 adults, 143 children and 32 seniors, for a total of 366 people served.  Last week they served 84 families and the week before it was 81.  We’ll keep going as long as we can, and we’re constantly being helped by Spring Community Partners, restaurants and caterers and individuals in our area.  The Village of Dobbs Ferry is helping us also through the Mayor’s Newsletter.  And people have been making donations by check and to the PayPal account on our website.  So, with a little help from our friends, I think we can continue to help hungry people for a long time to come.  We’re glad we can do it.

          Speaking of restaurants and caterers, Harper’s Restaurant has brought prepared food for our clients every single week since we started this adventure.  I hope people can order take-out from Harper’s so that they can stay open until this is all over.
          Then we were contacted by caterer Renee Kashuba, of MadeByRK, offering to help us in any way she can.  She wants to maintain a long-term relationship with us since she’s so nearby.  Are we lucky or what?  And she came Wednesday with enough bread and Greek egg-lemon soup for everybody.  Next week she’s bringing soup and bread again!  Thank you, Renee!
          So, our clients went home with a gift card; some produce from Harvest Field Market in Tarrytown, thanks to Adele Falco; some shelf-stable food from our pantry; some prepared food from Harper’s and bread and soup from MadeByRK.  Our clients may be having trouble coming up with rent and taxes, but at least they’ll have some food on their plates.
          Our clients who have babies also desperately need diapers.  So, Spring Community Partners board member Suzy Barnett visited Costco and found out that, with a letter from the Pantry and a letter from Spring, Costco would authorize a volunteer with a Costco membership to make purchases on behalf of both organizations.  So, Suzy’s determined efforts will help us for a long time going forward.  And, lo and behold, that very day they sent Suzy home with a donation of ten large boxes of diapers for our clients.  Our deepest thanks to Costco and to Suzy!
          Also, a couple of days ago I was contacted by friend-of-the-pantry Cheryl Hajjar of the Masters School.  She said that even though the school is closed, a number of students are working online with one of the teachers who has a 3D printer and they’re creating face protectors.  She offered us volunteers some face protectors, and her son dropped off fifteen of them last night.  Our volunteers will be well-protected next week, thanks to the Masters School for their contributions in this very important field.

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