April 2, 2020

Good afternoon, everybody – yes, we’re still open.  Yesterday the volunteers served a total of 62 families, including 128 adults, 92 children and 22 seniors, for a total of 243 people served.  The clients went home with a box of food from Feeding Westchester, a gift card, a container of soup from Rare Bit Restaurant and a packaged lunch from Harper’s Restaurant consisting of rice and beans with chicken.

          And all the volunteers wore masks handmade by a friend of Anilla Cherian, who volunteered at the pantry.
          Several volunteers were outside, making sure that everyone stayed six feet apart and that everyone got a lunch from Harper’s and soup from Rare Bit.  Each client stepped up to the table, took a box and a card, picked up their soup and food and went on their way.  The table was wiped down with a sanitary wipe after each client.  The volunteers felt that it went well, and Anilla took pictures and posted them on Facebook!  Many people from the community are getting involved.
          Still, we’ll see what we do next week.  We’re still taking it week by week.  People are getting more and more nervous about the virus, and it’s possible that some of our clients would rather not come out and risk getting sick.  We may end up delivering food to some people who can’t come out.
          We’ll keep everybody posted by way of these weekly e-mails.

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