March 4, 2020

Good evening, everybody – this morning we served 40 families, including 70 adults, 53 children and 21 seniors, for a total of 144 people.  21 seniors is the most we’ve ever served.  We’d like to bring the number even higher.

          We’ve been contacted by a social work intern at Ardsley High School, telling us about a Wellness Fair to take place at the high school next week.  Benny and Tricia will represent the pantry that day so that more people, including students and staff, can learn about the pantry.  Tricia already has some ideas about an interactive game and other ways to attract people to our table.  We’re so happy to have this contact with the Ardsley schools.
          A woman visited us during the pantry today from an organization by the name of Kids Cookery.  They’ve been around for ten years!  They offer cooking classes for kids, helping them learn not to waste food.  They offer classes in schools, and also teach the kids to cook during birthday parties and other celebrations.  She gave a check to the pantry from funds donated by the kids.  So glad to know she’s there.  The website is
          We received another donation of diapers from Dr. Nitin Gupta of Rivertowns Pediatrics.  He’s the kindest, most loving person.  So glad he chose to establish his practice here in the Rivertowns.

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