February 13, 2020

Good evening, everybody – yesterday we served 41 families with 83 adults, 49 children and 19 seniors for a total of 151 people served.

          The food pantry has been well-served the last couple of years by a CSA (community-supported agriculture) during the spring, summer and fall.  We pay for two shares and the farmer donates two shares, and we have plenty of fresh, organic fruits and vegetables to offer our clients throughout the growing season.  This is augmented by Roots & Wings’s garden behind South Church, which allocates a section of the garden to vegetables for the pantry as well.  Our clients have plenty of fresh, organic produce all season long, and they love it.  This summer we’re hoping to have the same benefit for our clients, but it won’t happen unless enough families sign up for a share of the CSA, which is delivered every Sunday morning at around 8:30 or 9:00 in the South Church parking lot.  I’m hoping that people on this list will sign up (or have signed up) for the CSA this growing season.  If you need more information you can visit the Roots and Wings website – rivertownscommunitygardens.com.  That website will give you all you need.
          The South Church Teen Benefit this past Saturday was a smashing success.  Hopefully they’ll do it again next year, so come next year if you weren’t there this year.  They are amazingly talented, and they raised thousands of dollars to send to an animal refuge in Australia which had burned to the ground.
          A woman contacted me who needed help from the pantry.  She wanted to come on Wednesday morning but she was ashamed.  She was afraid she’d see somebody she knew who’d then realize that she was struggling financially.  I encouraged her to come but she hasn’t arrived.  If anybody on this list knows somebody who’s in financial straits but wants to continue to live in the Rivertowns, encourage them to come to the pantry.  We can at least help with a little food.  I hate to think that shame will stop somebody who needs what we have to offer.  I think the dread of being seen and judged will melt away once you get here and we make you feel welcome.

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