January 23, 2020

Good morning, everybody – yesterday we served a total of 40 families, including 75 adults, 56 children and 17 seniors.  We served 149 people yesterday.

          At 7:00 on Saturday, February 8 at South Church there will be a performance by Rivertowns teens like we had the last couple of years.  Last year proceeds went to teen service projects, and in 2018 the proceeds went to Puerto Rico disaster relief.  This year it will be sent to Australia.  First there’s a delicious dinner created by Peter Brenner, Eric Greenberg and Alex Orlowski, then performances by the most talented teens in the area.  It’s amazing what these kids can do – and they’re only kids!  If anybody on this list wants to sign up, go to www.southpres.org and follow the prompts.  It’s $35 for adults, $10 for teens.
          Several months ago we received a donation from a little girl who chose to have guests at her birthday party contribute to the pantry instead of bringing gifts.  As if that wasn’t enough, her father’s company now sent us a matching amount, which means the pantry was helped twice by this family.  There’s generosity all around, which is why we’re able to keep providing food to our hungry clients.
          We still continue automatically receiving diapers every month from a young mother who has arranged to have Amazon deliver them to us.  She does it because she’s a mother herself and she understands how expensive diapers are.  We’ve also received many diapers from Dr. Nitin Gupta of Rivertowns Pediatrics, who also knows how hard it is to keep a baby in diapers.  Once again, there’s generosity all around.  If anybody on this list would like to donate diapers to us, sizes 4, 5 and 6 are the ones most in demand, and no matter how many we receive, we can always use more.  They fly off the shelves.

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