January 8, 2020

Good evening, everybody – this morning we opened the pantry after being closed since December 23 because Christmas and New Years were both on Wednesdays.  It was a good rest for us volunteers, but we missed each other and were glad to see each other after this break.  We served a total of 39 families this morning, including 77 adults, 46 children and 18 seniors, for a total of 141 people served.

          This past Sunday three of us volunteers had a great time with a troop of Cub Scouts from Irvington.  They came with their parents and troop leaders and helped us sort and check for expiration dates a huge amount of food that had been donated over the holidays.  It’s all in a room upstairs in the church, neatly sorted and shelved, and it only took them about an hour to do it all.  They were so enthusiastic that we may ask them back at some point to help with more deliveries.
          One of the deliveries we’re looking forward to is the Kids Can campaign which happens three times a year at Springhurst.  The parents, students and teachers have been doing this for us for several years now, and we’ve come to count on them to collect shelf-stable food, organize it and bring it to us.  This is the second delivery so far this year, and it’s the second- and third-graders’ turn.  Thanks especially to Nola Kende Long and Sharon Van Engen, who coordinated these drives last year and are doing it again this year.  It’s a lot of work and they do a wonderful job!
          I wish everybody on this list a safe, healthy and sane 2020.

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