October 16, 2019

Good evening, everybody – today we served 29 families, including 57 adults, 29 children and 15 seniors, for a total of 101 people.

          Last Thursday we received a huge donation of food from Woodlands Community Temple.  I took a picture of all the boxes of food they brought us.  It took a team of people to bring it all in.  And they had more stops to make when they left!  What a wonderful, loving congregation they are.  Thank you, Woodlands.
          We’re cared for by many congregations in the area who think of us regularly – congregations like Ardsley United Methodist, Dobbs Ferry Lutheran, St. Barnabas in Ardsley and Zion Episcopal.  Together with Woodlands, they make sure we have a steady supply of shelf-stable foods from their members, and we appreciate them all.
          A new volunteer has joined us who has experience with grants.  Since art therapist Stephanie Buck visits us every week and works artistically with our clients, she texted me that she’s learned of some grants that are available specifically for art therapy.  Stephanie has a lot of ideas about what she could do with grant money, so the volunteer will be calling her in the next few days so they can talk about these grants.
          South Church’s teen group is interested in helping us also.  Marc and I will be speaking to them on November 17 about this pantry and also about the importance of food pantries in general and the justice and dignity that they offer.
          Very sad news – for the first time since we opened, one of our clients has passed away.  It was a senior citizen to whom we’ve been delivering food for a couple of years.  Her nephew told me she died this morning at 10:30 a.m., which was just when I was trying to call her to see what food she needed this week.  Andrew and I, who made the deliveries, were very fond of her.


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