September 26, 2019

Good evening, everybody – yesterday in the morning we served 39 families with 71 adults, 40 children and 18 seniors.  Then in the evening we served another 14 families with 24 adults, 24 children and 5 seniors.  This brought us to a total of 53 families served, including 95 adults, 64 children and 23 seniors.  We served 180 people yesterday.  During the month of September we averaged 39 families and 135 people a week.

          On Saturday the Hastings Farmers’ Market brought us 20 dozen eggs and a case of apples, all of which were quickly given out yesterday.  We’ll be receiving these donations every other week.  On the alternate weeks the eggs and fruit will go to the Hastings Food Pantry.
          And we also received a huge donation of diapers from Dr. Nitin Gupta of Rivertowns Pediatrics here in Dobbs Ferry.  He promises to make a donation of many cases of diapers every month.  The Rivertowns, and the Dobbs Ferry Food Pantry, are very lucky that Dr. Gupta chose to establish his practice here.  He’s very active in the Rivertowns Rotary Club, and, thanks to him, the Club did a diaper drive for us several months ago at Stop & Shop and we ended up with tons of packages of diapers donated by generous shoppers.  And he’s also a wonderful doctor!
          Marc Taiano and I attended a very informative Feeding Westchester conference this past Wednesday.  They offered a workshop on immigration which provided us with handouts for our clients, and they offered another workshop on nutrition which gave us good ideas about how to interest our clients even more in healthy eating.  Our clients are already concerned about that, and we’re happy to help them any way we can.
          Benny, Sharon Brennen and I enjoyed representing the pantry on Tuesday at the Mercy College Community Service Fair.  A number of interesting and important charities were there so that the Mercy students could learn about them in case they either may one day need their services or would like to volunteer.  For example, the Dobbs Ferry Ambulance Corps was there.  And we came away with the names of a couple of students who may be able to help us when we receive huge deliveries either from Feeding Westchester or the Feeding Westchester Green Thumb program. We need people who are limber, strong and able to help on a weekday morning.

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