September 11, 2019

Good afternoon, everybody – today we served 27 families with 43 adults, 25 children and 15 seniors for a total of 83 people.

          South Church’s attic sale was a big success.  Once it was over there were some items that we offered for free, and people gladly helped themselves.  People worked very hard on this attic sale, and it paid off.
          South Church is all signed up for the Ferry Festa in Dobbs Ferry on Saturday, October 5.  The church will be represented as well as the food pantry, Roots & Wings and the CSA, all at one table.  Plus we’ll have a beanbag-tossing game.  It’s a really fun day in Dobbs Ferry.  Hope we see people on this list at the Festa.
          Those memories from eighteen years ago never fade, do they?


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