August 31, 2019

Good afternoon, everyone – last Wednesday Benny and I were out of town, but a valiant group of volunteers soldiered on, both in the morning and evening.  I say valiant because South Church is in the middle of getting ready for its attic sale, and there were many people there working on the attic sale while the pantry was going on. In spite of tripping over each other, everyone was kind and patient, including the clients. In the morning they served 28 families, including 45 adults, 35 children and 10 seniors for a total of 86 people.  In the evening they served another 7 families with 12 adults, 15 children and 3 more seniors, totaling 30 people.  This brought them to a total of 35 families, 57 adults, 50 children, 13 seniors and 116 people.  In the month of August we averaged 30 families and 106 people a week.

          In addition to food this last Wednesday, the volunteers gave out school supplies donated by the Dobbs Ferry Seniors.  Thank you, seniors!  The supplies were gratefully taken by our clients, and there are still some left for this coming Wednesday.
          A woman from the Hastings Farmers’ Market contacted me a week ago to tell me that there’s an egg supplier at the Market every week who is willing to donate 20 dozen eggs to a pantry.  They’ve been giving the eggs to the Hastings Food Pantry, but the pantry can’t take twenty dozen every week.  So they’re going to alternate weeks between us and Hastings.  This morning the first donation of eggs arrived at South Church, ready to be given out this Wednesday.  And we’ll be getting them every other week!  Our clients love eggs, so this is a wonderful donation.  Plus this morning they also brought a box of apples.  There is generosity in the world.  Plus surplus!
          Hope everybody has a great Labor Day, and hope Hurricane Dorian passes us by.

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