July 17, 2019

Good afternoon, everybody – today, despite the heat, we served 29 families, including 52 adults, 33 children and 15 seniors, for a total of 96 people.

          We pick up delicious fruits and vegetables every Sunday from the CSA and from the Roots and Wings garden.  This past Sunday a Mercy College student came to help Tricia pick up the produce, carry it from the South Church parking lot to the kitchen, and put it all away for Wednesday.  He said he was glad to help, and will be available several more times this summer to help with the CSA.  He’s strong, so we appreciate his help.
          Every week our volunteer Nora passes by the various bins we have out in the community.  We have one at the Dobbs Ferry Library, one at Stop & Shop and one at Greenburgh Town Hall.  We also have one at the Irvington Library which is visited periodically by our volunteer Tom, and we have one at the Dobbs Ferry Senior Center, which is overseen by Benny and me.  Today Nora dropped off a lot of food, mostly from Greenburgh Town Hall.  We appreciate the food that people donate this way, especially in summer.  And lately there have been far fewer foods with expired dates on them.  People are checking the dates before they donate.  Thanks to everyone who has brought food to one of our bins.
          Also today we received food from Woodlands Community Temple, brought, as always, by Val Fox.  Thank you, Val.  And volunteer Sharon Brennen brought an entire grocery cart full of donations from Dobbs Ferry Lutheran Church, including an entire case of canned chicken breast.  Thank you, Sharon, for gathering everything together and bringing it to us today.
          South Church member Kay O’Keefe printed out and delivered to us palm cards with instructions in English and Spanish about what to do if an Immigration official comes to your door.  We gave these out to everybody in case any of our clients are undocumented.  We don’t ask those questions, but South Church is very involved in providing sanctuary for undocumented individuals who have been living peacefully in the United States, so it seems appropriate for us at the pantry to do what we can to help.

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