July 10, 2019

Good evening, everybody – today we served 30 families with 51 adults, 37 children and 15 seniors, making up a total of 103 people served.

          The granddaughter of one of our clients is not growing properly.  She’s tiny for her age, and is under a doctor’s care.  We’ve made up our minds that as long as we can afford it we’ll provide her with a supply of Pediasure until her granddaughter is doing better.  Sometimes food is not enough.
          I was contacted by a Mercy College student who wants to help in the community.  He’s in an internship program during the week, so he can’t help us at the pantry, but, since he’s young and strong, he’ll help us this coming Sunday at the CSA.  He’ll help carry the fruits and vegetables from the South Church parking lot up to the kitchen, and will then help to put it away.  He’ll be a big help to us, and we’ll help him with his goal of volunteering in the community.  We’ve always been able to count on one of our strong volunteers on Sundays, but he isn’t available now, so this student’s call came at just the right time.
           I’ve mentioned before that our pantry was studied by a group of Springhurst fourth-graders.  The whole class was studying about volunteerism in the community, and we were lucky enough to have a group choose us.  They created a beautiful poster with photos of the pantry, a list of what to donate, facts about the pantry, and even a chart of how many people were served in 2018.  They’re a bright and talented bunch of kids with great teachers!  Somebody from Springhurst brought the poster to the pantry this week, and we proudly displayed it for our clients to see.  We’ll be showing it throughout the summer to whomever wants to see it, and I took a photo of it so that I can post it on the website.  Visit the website at www.dobbsferrypantry.org and you’ll see it for yourself!
          This year we’ve been serving three families who are unable to get to the pantry for one reason or another   Plus we also served another recent immigrant family until they could get established in the community.  We’re happy to do this, and we’re always alert for someone else who needs food but can’t get to us.  We’ll help them as long as they need us.


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