June 19, 2019

Good afternoon, everybody – today we served 31 families with 50 adults, 41 children and 17 seniors.  We served a total of 108 people today.

          Between the CSA and the Roots & Wings garden, our pantry was overflowing with fresh fruits and vegetables this morning.  And everything was gone by the time we closed up.  In the garden, Marc harvested kale, lettuce, cilantro and snap peas.  And the summer is only beginning!
          We received a generous check from the Share Your Wish organization.  This is a group based in Irvington that encourages children who are having a birthday party or some other event to ask their guests to bring money for a charity instead of a gift.  When I heard about the group I imagined that children would never be willing to give up their gifts, but we’ve received several checks from Share Your Wish, which means that children were in fact willing to ask their friends to help others.  Share Your Wish maintains an entire list of charities that a child could choose, and we’re proud to be on that list.
          For the last couple of years we’ve represented the Pantry at the community table at the Irvington Farmers’ Market on a given Sunday.  We expected the shoppers to share what they bought with us, but in fact they’ve given us cash, and we’re happy to accept it.  It’s a wonderful farmers’ market, with live music and activities for the kids.  We’ll be there again this year, on August 4.  Hope to see some of the people on this list there.


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