May 1, 2019

Good evening, everybody – today we served 37 families, including 66 adults, 45 children and 17 seniors, for a total of 128 people.

     We were happy to see MaryJane Shimsky, District 12 representative on the Westchester County Board of Legislators, with a check for us from a fundraiser by the Board of Legislators.  The Board does an event like this every year, and this year the funds were dedicated to all the food pantries throughout Westchester.  MaryJane made sure that our name went into the pot, and for that we’re grateful.  After meeting with us, she and her assistants were headed to Mercy College to give a donation to their new food pantry.
     This coming Sunday, May 5, if you’re shopping at Stop & Shop, be sure to purchase some diapers and baby wipes to give to the Rotarians, who are doing a diaper drive for us from 1:00 to 5:00.  We have quite a few mothers of babies and toddlers in diapers, and sometimes they have to choose between diapers and food, so we at the pantry try to have diapers and wipes available as often as possible.
     Saturday, May 11 is the day that postal workers will be collecting shelf-stable food as they deliver mail, so mark that date on your calendar and put some food out for your mail carrier.  They bring the food to the Dobbs Ferry Post Office, and the following week we’ll pick it up and bring it to the Pantry.  Thanks in advance to everybody who donates.
     Springhurst School does a food collection for us three times a year, and the final one will take place between May 6 and 20.  Then they’ll bring us the food on the 21st.  I’m not sure which grades are participating in this drive, but some of you on this list may be sending food to school for this drive.  I don’t know what we’d do without Springhurst parents and children.
     Today towards the end of the pantry we received a huge supply of Girl Scout cookies from the local Girl Scouts.  No matter how many boxes we receive, they go like hot cakes.

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