February 15, 2019

Good morning, everybody – Last Wednesday, despite the bad weather, we served a total of 21 families with 33 adults, 21 children and 11 seniors.  We served 65 people on Wednesday.

     I will have more copies of Rob Baron’s petition to re-route the Route 6 bus, so that it goes down Cedar and Main, at the pantry this coming Wednesday so that more clients can sign it.  Many of them don’t have cars and rely often on buses.  I’ve seen mothers with a couple of kids trying to cross Broadway to get the No. 6 bus, so it’s a reasonable request to change the route.  There will also be copies of the petition at South Church on Sunday so members of the congregation can sign it as well.  If anybody on this list is interested in helping to get signatures, let me know and I’ll put you in touch with Rob Baron.
     Last night our volunteers Benny, Mary Anne and Marc talked about the pantry and Roots & Wings to the members of the Greenburgh Town Board.  You can watch the entire meeting, including our volunteers, on Fios Channel 35 or whatever Optimum channel carries the Greenburgh meetings.  I wasn’t with them but I watched them on TV, and they did very well.  Supposedly they were nervous, but it didn’t come across.  So we have a presentation team!  If anybody wants them to come and talk about the pantry and Roots & Wings, just let me know.
     We’re halfway through February!

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