February 3, 2019

On Saturday, Feb. 2 – the day before Super Bowl Sunday – the Dobbs Ferry High School football team did a food drive for the Dobbs Ferry Food Pantry at Stop & Shop.  The boys were there for hours in the cold, encouraging shoppers to buy extra food to donate to the pantry. 

            The result was bags, bags and more bags of food and toiletries, all transported to South Presbyterian Church by the boys and their parents, and carried upstairs to a waiting office.  Our heartfelt thanks go out to all the teammates and their parents who brought this all together.  A special shout-out to parents Patti Straub, Sue Hemsley and Carolyn Fessler, and the other parents who helped them organize this tremendous effort.  We’re also grateful to the shoppers themselves, who took the time to look for and buy something extra for the hungry in the Rivertowns. 

            While I’m at it, I’d also like to send out a thank-you to the Community Nursery School, which is located at South Presbyterian Church.  On February 2 they had their Lunar New Year party, and every guest brought something for the Food Pantry.  We ended up with two huge boxes of shelf-stable food for our clients, which will be given out this coming Wednesday.  A special thanks to Linda Jo Platt, the Director of the nursery school, who always keeps the Pantry in mind.  We need this consistent, reliable attention to keep feeding the hungry.


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