October 29, 2018 – letter to the Enterprise

To the Editor:

 Every fall people come from far and wide to the attic sale at Irvington Presbyterian Church.  It’s so popular and so many items are donated that the parishioners work all summer and fall to get everything organized and labeled.  Because of all their hard work, the proceeds from the sale are huge and, after expenses, all the money is given to charities.  This year, the Dobbs Ferry Food Pantry was one of the lucky recipients of a generous donation from the Irvington Presbyterian Women’s Association.

 The Dobbs Ferry Food Pantry has received donations from the Women’s Association in the past as well, and we are eternally grateful that they have remembered us again.  The money will be put to use during November and December to provide our hungry clients with food to celebrate the holidays.  We thank everybody at the Irvington Presbyterian Church for their attitude, through the years, of help and caring. 

Submitted by Molly Rodriguez, Director, the Dobbs Ferry Food Pantry at                                                          South Presbyterian Church 

October 29, 2018


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