October 4, 2018

Good morning, everyone – yesterday we served a total of 28 families, including 48 adults, 32 children and 15 seniors for a total of 95 people.

This coming Saturday is the annual Ferry Festa in Dobbs Ferry, where from 1:00 to 8:00 the streets are closed and people can wander around, eat, listen to music, dance and visit all the tables representing stores and organizations in the area.  The pantry will be represented at the South Presbyterian Church table, along with Roots & Wings, Sacred Spirit Yoga and our CSA, FABLE. It’s a very merry affair, so we hope to see the people on this list at some point during the day.
We’ve been having great success with the bins we have placed at Stop & Shop, the Irvington Library, Greenburgh Town Hall, and the Dobbs Ferry Library.  Thanks to everybody who has been so generous.  Please check expiration dates, however.  We sometimes receive foods that expired years ago, and we’re disappointed to have to throw it out, but we’re required not to offer expired foods to our clients.  Our motto is “serving the hungry with dignity and respect”, and so far we’ve done a good job of it thanks to all of our donations, both edible and monetary (remember the PayPal function on our website, www.dobbsferrypantry.org).
We’ve been well-served all summer by FABLE, our CSA.  This is the last month, and our clients will miss all the fruits and vegetables FABLE has provided every week.  It’s been educational, both for us and our clients.  Yesterday, among many other foods, we served a new type of squash and a new type of radish, as well as broccoli rabe!    Our clients are becoming sophisticated.  We’ll order fresh fruits and vegetables on our own, of course, and once a month we receive a big supply of produce from Feeding Westchester, but we’ll still be looking forward to starting the CSA again next spring.

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