July 19, 2018

Good morning, everybody – yesterday we served a total of 29 families, including 59 adults, 33 children and 11 seniors.

A couple of people responded to my description of the Feeding Westchester 5K, which will take place at Pace University in Pleasantville on Sunday, September 23 from 9:00 a.m. until noon.  We have about seven people on the team (several of us will be WALKING, not running), so it should be fun.  Anybody else?  Just let me know and you’ll be part of the team.  We have to come up with a name for our team, by the way.  Anybody have an idea?
Ardsley Methodist has opened a new thrift shop, which will be open on Thursdays from 10:00 to 2:00, and all the proceeds will go to their various missions – and they have many.  This will be run by the Ardsley Methodist Women’s Association, which is a very active and dedicated group.
And don’t forget Zion’s thrift shop, open on Thursdays and Saturdays (except August and half of September).
And don’t forget that Irvington Presbyterian will be having its giant attic sale soon.
So, there are plenty of ways to donate what you don’t need, and buy what you do need at a low cost – and help the local churches with their charitable efforts (including this pantry) as well.
Stop & Shop has given us permission to put a permanent bin so that people can buy something for the pantry while they’re shopping and leave it there.  We’ll be getting a sign made up shortly, so soon you should be seeing that container – and hopefully the generous people on this list will be donating food.  As has happened in previous summers, our shelves are bare right now, so we could use either monetary donations (by sending us a check or using the Pay Pal function on our website at www.dobbsferrypantry.org) or leaving shelf-stable food for us in the church kitchen.  There’s an anonymous angel who has been dropping off bags of dried black beans every week.  thank you so much, whoever you are!
I was able to pick up some volunteer appreciation cards at Volunteer New York, which is an organization we’ve been affiliated with for a couple of years.  With that card the volunteers can go to certain restaurants on a Wednesday night and they’ll get 15% off their bill.  I wish we could do more for our volunteers.  They are a wonderful, energetic, dedicated lot.  💕

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