May 2, 2018

Good evening, everybody – Today we served a total of 23 families, including 36 adults, 29 children and 12 seniors.

If you were at Stop & Shop on Saturday, you know that we were there all day asking customers to buy some food for the pantry and donate it to us as they were leaving.  We ended up with 2,700 pounds of food, much of which has either already been given out today, is neatly stacked on our shelves or is neatly stacked in our various storage areas.  The people who shop at Stop & Shop are a caring and concerned bunch, and our clients appreciate that.  A particular shout-out to our volunteers, who took turns all day handing out lists of the foods we need and encouraging people to donate.  People gave cash also, which we appreciate just as much.
The next food drive we’re looking forward to is the mail carriers’ food drive, which is scheduled for Saturday, May 12.  I don’t know if it takes place in other villages, but it definitely happens in Dobbs Ferry, and the Post Office has told us we can have whatever shelf-stable foods the letter carriers bring back from their routes on that day.  If you live in Dobbs, please remember to put some shelf-stable food into a bag and leave it for your mail carrier on that day.  Please be kind and make sure that the food hasn’t expired.  Sometimes people take food off their shelves and donate it without realizing that it expired a long time ago.  Then we at the pantry end up having to throw it out.
Then at the end of May or early June the Springhurst Kids Can campaign will be providing us with food brought in by the fifth and sixth graders.
Saturday’s food drive, the letter carriers’ collection and the Kids Can campaign are coming at an important time for us, because donations drop off in the summer, when we need food just as much.  So we really welcome the efforts these people have made to provide us with food for our clients at this time.  And please, don’t forget us over the summer.  The clients’ children don’t even get their free meals at school during the summer, so the food they get at the pantry is even more important.
See everybody at the South Church gala this Saturday!

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