December 20, 2017

Good evening, everybody – today we served a total of 44 families, including 72 adults, 53 children and 13 seniors.  We gave out gift cards, decorative tote bags and festive candy canes.

A neighbor of mine is replacing her kitchen appliances and asked me if anybody at the pantry could use the ones she was getting rid of.  I asked today, and now one of our pantry clients is getting a stove, one is getting a refrigerator and one is getting a dishwasher!
We were contacted by the cousin of two sisters in Ardsley who are ill and disabled and need food.  Two of our volunteers – Tom and Tricia – were quick to offer to take food to them, and they have done so.  Our pantry has some of the most generous volunteers around, and we’ll be happy to help these women as long as necessary.
It brings home to me the importance of family members.  We learned about these women through their cousin.  We’ve also been bringing food to an elderly couple in Dobbs Ferry because their nephew called us.  However we learn about people in need, we’re glad to help.
Speaking of being helped, we received a wonderful check from the Presbyterian Women’s Association of the Irvington Presbyterian Church.  This was part of the proceeds from their huge and famous attic sale in the fall.  Irvington Presbyterian has been helping us for years, particularly the Presbyterian Women, and we love them for it.
Today, as a Christmas celebration, one of our clients brought sweet tamales and atole (a fruit-flavored drink) for everybody.  She brought enough for all of us volunteers plus all the clients, and everything was consumed before she left.  She’s a woman who loves to cook, and it shows.  We took a picture of Lyn biting into one of the tamales, and I’ll put it up on the website.
Happy Hanukkah and merry Christmas, everyone.


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