November 16, 2017

Good morning, everybody – Yesterday we served a total of 43 families, including 68 adults, 55 children and 11 seniors.

This afternoon I’m going to the Yonkers Department of Social Services to pick up a box of diapers and a package of baby wipes for four of our clients who have babies.  This is a program that was started by the Junior League of Westchester County for needy mothers since diapers are so expensive.  If anybody on this list would like to donate some diapers, we’d be happy, especially sizes 4, 5 and 6.  The Department of Social Services gives out one box of 50 diapers and one package of wipes on the last Thursday of every month.  I’ll go this first time, just to see how it works, but I’m pretty sure that the mothers themselves can pick up the diapers from now on.
Then this evening Lyn and I will be at the dinner sponsored by the Giving Circle of Lower Westchester.  We’ve received grants from the Giving Circle for the last couple of years, and they are a wonderful, caring organization.  They put on a beautiful dinner every year with gourmet food, wine and friendly people.  And you get to shake hands with some of the people who donate to the Giving Circle in order to make these grants possible.  It’s attended by people from many pantries, so it’s a good networking opportunity.
This coming Saturday, November 18, between the hours of 1 and 6, you should eat at Hudson Social, which is down at the train station plaza in Dobbs Ferry.  It’s a merry place, and they serve a variety of interesting foods.  This Saturday they’re doing a food drive for the pantry, so everyone is encouraged to bring shelf-stable food for us.  If you bring a turkey or ham you get a free pitcher of mimosas or a bucket of beer, and if you bring three cans or packages of shelf-stable foods you get a free mimosa or pint of beer.  Not sure where we’d store the turkeys and hams, but we’d be very happy to have whatever other foods people bring.
Speaking of turkeys, we will be receiving twelve turkeys from Cabrini Nursing Home on Wednesday morning, which will be given out to twelve lucky clients, together with a pie for everybody.  Yesterday we gave everybody a big, decorative tote bag, donated by volunteer Mary Anne G. and her family, and a gift card so that people can buy whatever they want at Stop & Shop.  We’ve done this for the last two or three years in lieu of trying to figure out how to store a turkey for every client.  We give gift cards to the clients for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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