October 19, 2017

Good afternoon, everybody – Yesterday we served a total of 34 families, with 59 adults, 52 children and 8 seniors.

We had a wonderful time at our fundraiser at Sam’s Restaurant last night.  Thanks to everybody on this list who came to eat or who ordered take-out.  The Interfaith Caring Community had a full table of just their members, and St. Barnabas of Ardsley filled another table.  It was a chance to meet people’s spouses and other family members.  And the food was as delicious as ever.  It was a good thing the Yankees did so well, because many people were at the bar, eating, drinking and enjoying the game, and we’ll get 15% of whatever they consumed as well.

Four pantry clients have filled out applications for the diaper bank program sponsored by the Junior League.  I scanned those applications and sent them to Wendy Armstrong, who’s the Junior League manager of the program.  She’ll send the applications over to the Department of Social Services in Yonkers.  Once a month on the last Thursday of the month DSS gives out a box of 50 diapers and a package of wipes to the people registered on the list.  One November 16 I’ll be there at 2:30 to pick up the diapers and wipes for our clients, and I’ll make sure that the clients themselves can come and pick up their own diapers after that.  Fifty diapers will go pretty fast, but at least it’s something.

Today we received notification that we got a wonderful grant from the Anbinder Family Foundation.  The Foundation is a nonprofit charitable organization helping charities all over the United States, and we’re honored to be included in their group of grantees.  We’ve received grants from them for the last two years, and we hope they keep us in their sights.

Our CSA only has two more weeks before it ends until next summer.  We’ll have to start purchasing produce and having it delivered through Stop & Shop’s Pea Pod the way we did last year.  Our clients are now accustomed to fresh fruits and vegetables in addition to the canned produce we’ve always given.  And many of them have learned to enjoy foods they didn’t know about before.

Hope everybody’s enjoying this wonderful Indian summer (why’s it called that, anyway?).

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