August 23, 2017

Good afternoon, everybody – Today we served a total of 19 families, including 31 adults, 25 children and 5 seniors.

We’ve gotten another check from Share Your Wish, which is an Irvington-based organization through which children can encourage guests coming to their birthday parties to donate money to the food pantry instead of buying a present for the child.  The goal is to teach children the importance of giving instead of receiving, and helping people in need.  We’ve received several checks from Share Your Wish, which means that quite a few children go along with this and are willing to give up a gift in order to provide food for hungry families.

Bernard Harris, a beloved member of the Dobbs Ferry community, and especially dear to South Church and the food pantry, has passed away.  He was active on many fronts in Dobbs Ferry, and will be missed by many people.  In his obituary, his widow, Maria Harris, asked that people make donations to the food pantry, or to a charity of their choice.  We’ve already received several donations from people who may not have known about the pantry until now, but are offering support in Bernard’s memory.  Thank you so much, Maria, for thinking of us at this painful time.

Today was the final Wednesday for one of our clients, who has been with us every Wednesday since the beginning.  Because we’re a small pantry, we’ve gotten attached to our clients, and we gave her a couple of cakes, a card signed by all of us, and we sang “Happy Trails” to her (she and her family are moving away).

Now that we have a freezer, we’ll be able to follow through on our goal of providing meat, poultry and fish to our clients.  Next week, when Ellen and Eileen (as they do every month) pick up our monthly Green Thumb allotment at the Food Bank, they’ll also pick up several cases of fish, to be given out on the first Wednesday of the month.  So far we’ve given out ground turkey, sliced ham, and now fish.  And all those fresh fruits and vegetables from the garden, CSA and Green Thumb.  We’ve coming a long way from the beginning, when we were only able to give out canned food.

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