August 9, 2017

Good afternoon, everybody – Today we served a total of 33 families, including 53 adults, 44 children and 10 seniors.

We volunteers hold a brief meeting every Wednesday morning before the pantry opens, and this morning we discussed again the request made by some of the clients for us to be open from 9:00-12:00 instead of 10:00-12:00.  The volunteers in general were not in favor of this expansion, but one of the volunteers suggested that we consider being open two Wednesday evenings per month instead of once.  Several volunteers offered to be available if we expanded our time this way.  Next week we’ll ask the clients if this would be helpful.

One client this week who wasn’t here the last couple of weeks filled out a questionnaire.  Similar to several other clients, she asked that we offer eggs in addition to the other foods.  We’ll study the storage situation further to see if there’s refrigeration room to keep several dozen eggs in addition to everything else we place in the refrigerator.

Tom will be handling the CSA for the next two weeks.  This will be the first time he’s picked up the CSA, but he’s ready to jump in and help.  Andrew will help also if he arrives at church early enough.  Lyn will take the last Sunday of the month.  Then we’ll figure out about September.

We’ll be needing more funds to continue ordering food for the pantry from the Food Bank, plus what we volunteers buy to provide what the Food Bank doesn’t have.  In September we’ll be approaching a couple of restaurants in Dobbs Ferry to ask if we can do a fundraiser on a night in October that’s convenient to them.  We’ve done this before and it’s been a popular, and delicious, way for us to earn money.

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