July 12, 2017

Good afternoon, everybody – neither Lyn nor I were at the pantry today, yet it ran like a well-oiled machine.  We served 27 families today, including 44 adults, 38 children and 7 seniors.

In addition to the produce from the CSA today, there was also fresh fruit, which we ordered from Stop & Shop’s Peapod, and beautiful herbs from the Roots & Wings garden – including basil!

Next week the Food Bank for Westchester will be honoring the Giving Circle of Lower Westchester, which is a group that has given us a number of generous grants.  Someone from the pantry will be there at the presentation, just to shake hands with the people who do this hard work to keep pantries going.

Next Sunday the CSA will be picked up by Tricia, and will include zucchini, cucumbers, red-leaf amaranth (also known as summer spinach or calaloo), parsley, tomatoes, beets, onions and possibly blueberries – a little of everything.  And we’ll see what we find in the garden.

Barbara sent us an announcement she found on Facebook, saying that Verizon will be giving away a small number of free backpacks (100).  You need to bring a ticket to get a backpack, so I registered with them and was able to print out ten tickets.  We’ll raffle the tickets off next Wednesday to see who are the ten lucky people who can get free backpacks.

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