June 2, 2017


Hello, everybody – Wednesday morning we served a total of 30 families, including 54 adults, 44 children and 6 seniors.  Then in the evening we served another 15 families of 25 adults, 18 children and 4 seniors. This means we served a total of 45 families with 79 adults, 62 children and 10 seniors. We served an average of 30 families a week in May.
On Wednesday we were again visited by Giuliana Urrelo from the Westchester Hispanic Coalition.  We set up a table and she stayed with us for about an hour in the morning.  Several clients sat with her and chatted.  They also looked over her handouts describing the various services offered by WHC.   Since this was the second time she visited, the clients were more comfortable with her and they talked to her a little more.  She’s coming back for a third time on June 21.  I’m glad we can inform people about places they can go to for help.
We’ve arranged for our monthly allotment of produce from the Food Bank to be picked up by Ellen and Eileen on the last Wednesday of the month.  That way the people who come in the evening can also go home with some produce.  People love the fresh fruits and vegetables, and Ellen sends out a text message every month to all the clients, advising them that there will be produce the next day.  Hopefully our CSA share will be starting soon, and we’ll have produce every week again like we did last summer.  And they’re working hard in the Roots & Wings garden, so that will be happening for our clients soon also.
Wednesday morning while we were at the pantry we got a call from Greenburgh Town Hall, letting us know there was food in the bin we’ve placed there.  Benny and I drove over and picked up what people had donated, including a case of twelve cans of black beans – a favorite of our clients.  Then yesterday Tom W. went to the Irvington Library and brought back 40 pounds of food, which he left in our storage area upstairs at South Church (thanks, Tom).  And Benny will be checking the bin at the Dobbs Ferry Library as well.  Also, I was in contact with a woman on the Facebook page 10522, and she dropped off a supply of dog food.  Very few of our clients have pets, but those who do face the expense of feeding their animals while also feeding themselves.  One grateful client took some dog food.  And the woman on the 10522 page said she’ll keep us in mind for future donations.
This coming Sunday there will be a walking tour of Dobbs Ferry historical properties along Broadway and Clinton Avenue.  It’s presented by the Dobbs Ferry Historical Society, and South Presbyterian Church is one of the historical properties.  The tour is from 1:00 to 4:00.  You can find out more information by visiting the Historical Society’s website at www.DobbsFerryHistory.org, or just give them a call at 674-1007.  I’ll be at the Manse, which is where the South Church pastor lives and is part of the tour.  Would love to see some of the people on this list at the Manse on Sunday.

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