May 17, 2017

Good evening, everybody – today we served a total of 34 families, including 58 adults, 42 children and 8 seniors.
Today we were visited by an organization by the name of the Westchester Hispanic Coalition.  Two young women set up a table and gave information and flyers out to those clients who expressed interest.  The WHC is making a big domestic violence effort, and they had information, in English and Spanish, about their 24-hour hotline for victims of abuse.  They also had information about immigration and many other services they offer – and all for free!  They’re going to come every other week for the next couple of months so that people can get to know and feel comfortable with the women and the agency.  I’m delighted that they’re available to come more than once.
This past Saturday was the food drive sponsored by the Dobbs Ferry Post Office.  Maybe some of you on this list put some food out for your mail carrier.  Yesterday three strong men – Bob Beach, Bruce Platt and our own Tom Warren – gathered at the Post Office, hauled all of that food back to the church and carried it all to the office upstairs.  Thanks so much to all three of you men, who so quickly jumped in to do such exhausting work.  And then today it was all carefully sorted and placed by Carol and Tricia.  This pantry is a wonderful, cooperative volunteer organization.
We actually got donations from two brothers – one five years old and one nine years old – in response to the Share Your Wish organization.  They are very effective, and they teach kids an important message about sharing what you have with others.  It’s a great way to teach empathy at an early age.
The Mahoney/Olson family is doing it again – since they provided diapers, baby wipes and hand lotion for Mothers’ Day, they’re deciding what to come up with for Fathers’ Day.  A virtual hug to everyone in the family.  They’re a caring, generous bunch.
Summer is here!  Hope it lasts!

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