April 7, 2017

Good afternoon, everyone – This past Wednesday I wasn’t at the pantry, but the volunteers carried it on like a well-oiled machine.  They served a total of 19 families, including 28 adults, 20 children and 7 seniors.  We’re slowly attracting more seniors to the pantry.
Several hams, plus other foods, were donated to us by the Dobbs Ferry Woman’s Club.  They’ve taken good care of us through the years, and they’re doing it again, and at an important time – this coming week there’s a school vacation, so our clients’ children won’t even have access to the free or reduced-fee lunches they usually get.  So we need to have plenty of food for our clients to feed their children.  The hams that were donated were raffled off this past Wednesday, but the Club’s president called me and said they have another couple of hams plus more food for us this coming week, which they’ll be dropping off before Wednesday.
We’ll have extra food this week also because this Saturday, April 8, there’s a food drive at Stop & Shop, sponsored by the Food Bank for Westchester, together with NBC Channel 4 and Telemundo Channel 47.  If you need food, wait until Saturday, go to Stop & Shop, and buy a few extra items which you can hand over to us volunteers as you leave.  We’ve done other food drives at Stop & Shop, and the customers are amazingly generous.  See you there!
This coming Monday, April 10, Lyn and I will be interviewed by Noor Brewster, an intern of Paul Feiner, at Greenburgh Town Hall.  This is for the Town of Greenburgh’s closed-circuit television station, so we’ll be on TV!  We’ve also invited one of our clients to attend.  Don’t know whether she can make it, but the invitation’s out there.  I’ll try and find out when the program will be broadcast on the Greenburgh television station and I’ll let people know when I know.
Another exciting thing this coming Wednesday will be the Easter bags filled with goodies which have been put together by the children of the Church of St. Barnabas in Irvington.  And the adults will be providing us with gift cards for Easter for the clients.  People, churches and other organizations have been wonderful to the pantry around holidays, especially St. Barnabas.  Thanks so much to all of you, in particular our own Barbara M., who is our liaison to St. Barnabas.
On our website (www.dobbsferrypantry.org), I posted a picture of the banner that now hangs outside of South Church:  “Immigrants & Refugees Welcome”. 

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