March 30, 2017

Good morning, everybody – Yesterday in the morning we served a total of 27 families, including 46 adults, 31 children and 7 seniors.  Then in the evening we served a record 18 families, including 32 adults, 24 children and 3 seniors.  This brought us to a total of 45 families with 78 adults, 55 children and 10 seniors.  We averaged 30 families a week in March, despite the fact that we were closed one Wednesday.

Laurie Wasserman from the Dobbs Ferry Woman’s Club called me and said they’re purchasing some canned hams for us for Easter.  They’re delivering them this coming Monday, April 3.  I’ll be there to receive them and we’ll give them out this coming Wednesday.  I assume we won’t have enough for everybody, but we’ll raffle them off.  I won’t be at the pantry this coming Wednesday but I have no doubt that the team will carry this out with their usual expertise.  The Dobbs Ferry Woman’s Club has been a gigantic support for us through the years.

South Church’s pastor, Drew, and I attended last Thursday’s Village Board meeting along with Robin Larkins and several other concerned Dobbs Ferry residents.  We wanted to make a statement about honoring and protecting the residents of Dobbs Ferry, even if they’re undocumented.  Mayor Hartley Connett gave a beautiful statement about the fact that Dobbs Ferry, and the Dobbs Ferry police department, values the diversity that we have here in this village and will do nothing to harm or decrease that diversity.  Thank you, Mayor Connett!  Drew, Robin and the others got up and talked about the hope that Westchester County will step forward in the same way.  I spoke about my love of the immigrant population in this village, based on the people I’ve gotten attached to at the pantry.

In the sanctuary of South Church there’s a banner that says “Immigrants and Refugees Welcome”.  This coming Sunday, during the service, the banner will be moved outside and hung for all to see.  Everyone needs to know there are people in Dobbs Ferry who care and want to help.

Yesterday afternoon was a fun day.  A group of students from Ardsley High School visited us, together with their teachers, Regina Dosso and Kathy Constan, to learn about the fact that there really is hunger in Westchester County and in the Rivertowns and Greenburgh.  They brought bags of food, laundry supplies and paper goods, all of which was given out as soon as they left and the evening clients came in.  Thank you to the students and their families and to their teachers for coming to visit and for helping.

April, come she will!

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