February 8 at the Food Pantry

Good morning, everyone – Yesterday we served a total of 20 families, including 28 adults, 26 children and 5 seniors.  They were served by me, Benny, Carol, Eileen, Ellen, Kevin and Tom.
Last Saturday the Dobbs Ferry High School football team did a fantastic food drive for us at Stop & Shop.  The captains, Arman Cherian-Ashe and Ryan Fessler, were there from beginning to end.  Then they brought everything to South Church and piled it in the upstairs office.  There’s a picture of the captains and the team on our website (dobbsferrypantry.org), and a picture of all the bags and bags of food on our Facebook page and twitter feed.  Love those Eagles!!
We’re working away on our grant application to The Church of Saint Barnabas and Barbara M. is helping us.  Next we start on our application to the Giving Circle of Lower Westchester.  Believe me, we need the money.  Donations from people on this list would also help (using the Pay Pal function on the website or sending a check made out to South Presbyterian Church with “pantry” in the memo line).  There are many staples we can’t always find at the Food Bank and we must buy them ourselves.  As our population grows the need grows also.
As part of our application to St. Barnabas we include comments from our clients.  One client wrote a heartwarming note about the pantry – “It is a warm and welcoming place where each person is treated with dignity, respect and love”.  We’ve stuck with this motto:  “feeding the hungry with dignity and respect” since the beginning.
Hope everybody enjoys the snow day.

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