February 1 at the Food pantry

Good afternoon, everybody – Today we served a total of 25 families, including 38 adults, 34 children and 6 seniors. They were served by me, Benny, Carol, Eileen, Ellen, Kevin, Lyn, Tom and Tricia.

Please remember to do some shopping at Stop & Shop in Dobbs Ferry this coming Saturday, February 4 between 9:00 and 1:30. The Dobbs Ferry HS football team will be doing a food drive for us, so when you shop you can buy a couple of extra things and leave them with the boys. They’ll bring the food over to the church after 1:30 and we can start giving it out on Wednesday. Thanks to everybody who remembers to do this.

We got an e-mail from one of the fourth-grade teachers at Springhurst School. What would we do without the Dobbs Ferry Schools?? They’re always thinking of a way to help! Now the students in the fourth grade will be decorating bags and filling them with cake mix, balloons, candles, etc. so that families can use them for a birthday party. What a great idea. She asked if I knew of another pantry they could donate more bags to and I referred her to the Hastings pantry. They’ll come up with enough bags to serve the clients of two pantries! A million thanks to the teachers, students and parents who will be working on this!

This coming Monday I’ll be representing the Pantry at the Food Bank’s quarterly community gathering at the United Methodist Church in Mount Kisco. Don’t know what they’ll be talking about but it will be good to network with other pantry leaders and see what’s going on at their pantries.

So glad January’s over with. Spring is coming!

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