Food Pantry Notes, June 4

Good afternoon, everybody – Yesterday we served a total of 35 families, including 59 adults, 49 children and 11 seniors.  They were served by me, Carol, Eileen, Ellen and Mary Anne.

A wonderful time was had by all last night at the second night of our fundraiser at Sam’s Restaurant in Dobbs Ferry.  I’m not sure how much we’ve made, but I’ll be picking up a check from Maurice, the owner and executive chef of Sam’s, on Monday.  There were many people from South Presbyterian Church there, including some who ordered takeout, at least one family from Dobbs Ferry Lutheran, and a huge table from the Cabrini Nursing Home.  There were also people there who hadn’t known there was a fundraiser going on, and who were educated by me and Lyn about the existence of the pantry.
In addition to our receiving 15% of whatever people ate and drank, we had brochure holders on tables which included envelopes for extra cash contributions.  Several people, including some who had just learned about the pantry, gave us envelopes with cash in them, especially after Lyn described for everybody the increased need we’ll have this summer, when children won’t even have access to the free and reduced lunches at school to fill their stomachs.  Thanks for doing that, Lyn.
Our beloved Barbara M. was there with her mother and sister.  It was wonderful to see Barbara and to meet her family members.  And now Barbara has come up with a new idea for us:  Over the summer, when we’re having cookouts and barbecues, guests always offer to bring something.  Maybe we could encourage them to bring something for the pantry, which could then be dropped off at South Church for us to give out the next Wednesday

.  I’m attaching a copy of our list of most-popular items so that people will know what to bring.  Sounds like a great, and easy, idea, doesn’t it?

Also, does anybody on this list attend Pilates and More in Dobbs Ferry?  Barbara had heard that they have done fundraisers for charities in the past, and have also collected nonperishable food.  If anybody is a member there, maybe you could ask and see if the pantry could benefit from their concern and wish to help the hungry.
We applied for a grant to the Giving Circle of Lower Westchester several months ago, and this week they informed us that they’re giving us a grant in the form of a credit to the Food Bank for Westchester so that we can order food for our clients.  The Giving Circle of Lower Westchester is a wonderful organization, dedicated to wiping out hunger in Lower Westchester, and we’re honored to be one of their grantees.  We hope they continue their efforts for many years.
Lyn and I will be attending the Food Bank for Westchester’s quarterly member-agency community gathering this coming Tuesday.  It’s great to rub elbows with people from other pantries, and we may come back with information or ideas to help the pantry.  We’ll keep you posted.
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Jen Cadenhead

5:18 PM (1 hour ago)

to DF, me
Congrats on the success at Sam’s and the GivingCircle’s latest gift! That’s wonderful.

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