We wanted to know how people were responding to our work at the food pantry, so we asked them in person!

“In these troubled times of spiritual and financial woes, it is a blessing to find a sanctuary where you can find help as well as kindness.” – Food Pantry Client

I come as much for the fellowship as for the food.  It is a warm and welcoming place where each person is treated with dignity, respect and love.” – Food Pantry Client

“Thank you for your help. It’s really hard for me to feed my children with what I get from my job.” -Food Pantry Client

“I give because I can’t help but think, that there but for the grace of God it could be me down on my luck and needing a place like this.” 

-Food Pantry donor

 “When I was a child, my family once had a hard time. My neighbors helped us, but I remember how humiliating it was to ask for help.   I‘m  happy to be able to help here.”

-Food Pantry volunteer

“Last year, my friend Ellen Klein mentioned that the South Church Food  Pantry was being reorganized and would I be interested ? I had some free time and so it’s been great to see it flourish over the past year !I am a nurse practitioner and know well the importance of good nutrition. I have worked closely with patients and their families on their diets .There are many aspects to food ~ culture, finances, ability to prepare etc, etc etc.   I feel strongly that in this country, esp. in this county all people should have access to good, nutritious food.I could go on and on  ~~ aside from drinking water this is the next essential  human need.  Over the past year I have very much enjoyed getting to know  the other volunteers ~ but it is the look of gratitude in the eyes of the people who come to the pantry that is the  most satisfying. Also the kids make me smile !!” – Eileen Quinlan, Food Pantry volunteer, September, 2014 

 “I joined because after seeing the movie A Place at the Table (which I believe was organized by the food pantry members) I wanted to ensure that people wouldn’t only get dry or canned foods but also fresher foods. I asked if I could make soup for the pantry and because there is a freezer at the church that was OK. In my desire to serve families with as much healthy, fresh foods as possible I also joined the Roots and Wings group which grows vegetables that go to the pantry. It is important for those who can’t afford to buy food but I am particularly mindful of those people who work at ridiculously low wages and therefore still have trouble meeting ends meet. With the soups I feel I can give them help towards a nutritious (part of a) meal that doesn’t take up too much time to prepare after a full day of work. An additional goal is to make people aware of healthy food choices. I hear that more and more clients are asking for wholegrain products. That is wonderful. I am constantly impressed by the dedication of the members of the food pantry and the influx of donations, both from individuals (including bar/bat mitzvah donations)  and groups such as the scouts, schools and other community groups.” – Else Van Den Bosch


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